Saturday, 24 March 2007

SNAPSHOTS: People left behind, Salisbury, Early Summer 1994

Mick and Dog. A tall ex-Navy man from Ayre and his shaggy black and tan Collie cross. Enough said already.

Ian and Miles Dog. The first in his late 20s, the second so called because Ian had to go "miles and miles" to get him.

Gimme Jimmy, AKA Animal and Pup. Gruff old timer, with his tiny tan bitch. On licence after stabbing his wife 24 times and serving most of a 14 year sentence. Heart of gold.

Catweasel. Mad, filthy, but irresistable funny. Fondness for Valium. Not anythign like as old as she looked.

Jason AKA JJ. Had a black and white mongrel who's name I forget but who left scars which still remain. Mean and mercenary little sod, but kind of endearing with it. Much like his owner.

Steve Mac. Hapless Glasgow lad turned worse. Usually found in a pool of his own vomit demanding "twos up" on cigarettes smoked by innocent passers by. Women couldn't help but try and mother him. Favourite song - "All Together Now", usually belted out on the way to soup kitchen.

Mick AKA Ed the Duck. Green Mohawk. Thought a lot of himself. He was the only one who did, except perhaps for his girlfriend Alex in her drunker moments.

Tina. Ex-Warrington girl, former model. Hard but decent lass, sadle mainly attracted to arseholes.

Tweaky and Niamh (pronounced "Neeve") - Ex traveller, now settled down in a house with the mother of his former girlfriend. Didn't drink or toke, smoked half a roll-up at a time. As sound as sound could be.

Ian and Carey, with Mutley and Socks respectively - Travellers again, forced into various forms of accomodation by heroin addiction and general chaos, but basically more together than the rets of us.

Jimmy Buchanan - Another loud middle-aged Scotsman, lived in the Friary Estate with on-off "bird" Mel, who was even louder.

Babs, Old Jo, Jenny, Nat and Tyler, Mad Gary and his three labs, Gary D and Vic - the lad responsible for his near-fatal and brain damage inducing car crash, still his friend...the list goes on and on. Good people, despite the rough exteriors.

They would not all be there when we returned.

24th March 2007

I am 13 today. Where did it go?